2022 Villages Masonic Lodge Activities



January 17 - January Lodge Social

The January Lodge social was held on Monday January 17th at Sammy's Italian Restaurant.  It was a great time with a good turnout.


January 15 - Quarterly Road Cleanup

On Saturday, January 15th the Villages Lodge met for breakfast at Perkins Restaurant for breakfastprior to cleaning up trash along Rolling Acres Road.  A good turnout allowed the quick cleanup.  Thank you Brother SW Windmiller for spearheading this lodge activity.




January 10 - Stated Meeting

The 2022 Year began with Worshipful Master Mike Gaudiosi leading the Lodge.  During the meal, Past Junior Master W:. Jim Hawkins presented W:. Frank Van Leer with a 6th Man Award for his support during the 2021 Year.  R:.W:. Ed Mayfield presented Worshipful Gaudiosi with a custom Gavel made by W:. Jim Farrow.


January 8 - Installation

On January 8th, the Villages Masonic Lodge installed its officers for 2022. Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins closed the 2021 funeral lodge and opened the Called Communication opened for installing the 2022 Elected and Appointed Offers.  R:.W:. Larry Kent was the installing officer, R:.W:. Ed Mayfield was the installing Chaplin and W:. Lou Hook was the installing Marshall.  W:. Rich Koenig delivered the Charges.  The meal was served by the Mt. Dora Rainbow Girls and made a gavel presentation to newly installed Worshipful Master Mike Gauidosi.



2021 Villages Masonic Lodge Activities


December 20 - Donation to Children, Inc.

On December 20, Worshipful Master James Hawkins presented the Lodge's donation to Children, Inc.


December 16 - 65 Year Certificate and Pin

On December 19th, W:. John Erb was presented with his 65 Year Certificate and Pin. Attending were R:.W:. Larry Kent, SW Mike Gauidosi and Worshipful Master James Hawkins.  Congratulations John for a long service to Masonry.


December 15 - Worshipful Master of the Year

At the December 15th Masters and Wardens Meeting, the Village Lodge's Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins was presented as Co-Worshipful Master of the Year for the Grand 15th Masonic District along with Brian Zeppa of Leesburg Lodge.  Michael Freach was presented as Mason of the Year.


December 13 - Stated Meeting

The final Stated Meeting of the year was held on December 13th.  Several Villages Lodge awards were presented prior to the Lodge Meeting by Worshipful Jim Hawkins. Awards to Officers of the Lodge for their work and support during the  year 2021 were made to  R:.W:.'s Larry Kent and Ed Mayfield  were presented with 6th Man Awards for helping as needed throughout the year.  W:. Emmett Mills Jr. was presented with Outstanding Secretary award, R:.W:. Michael Yanetti was presented with Educator of the Year for leading the Lodge's Education program, SW Mike Gaudiosi, SD Jeff Lessard and JD Bruce Ferri were presented with Outstanding Mason Awards.  Madlyn Windmiller was presented with Masonic Wife of the Year award and JW David Windmiller was presented with Mason of the Year award. W:. Lou Hook and  Brother Paul Nemoda were presented with 40 Year Certificates and Pins.  W:. Sam Ramdial was presented with his Fellow Craft Lecture Proficiency Award by Worshipful Jim Hawkins during the Lodge meeting.



 November 21 - Rolling Acre Road Cleanup

Several Brothers gathered at Perkins Restaurant for breakfast prior to cleaning up the trash on Rolling Acres Road in Lady Lake


 November 8 - Donation to Honor Flight

On November 8, JW David Windmiller presented the Lodge's donation to the Villages Honor Flight


November 8 - Stated Meeting

The November 8th Stated meeting was Military Appreciation Day for the Villages Masonic Lodge.  There were 11 Veterans present at the meeting.  All Veterans were presented with a Veterans Pin.  W:. Sam Ramdial was presented with his Fellow Craft Lecture Proficiency card by Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins on behalf of District Instructor, R:.H:. Dale Doucet.  Worshipful Hawkins presented Brother Thomas Cross his 60 Year Certificate and Pin.


October 30 - Annual Halloween Dance

The Lodge held its annual Halloween Dance on October 30th at the La Hacienda Recreation Center.  There were over 150 in attendance.  Thank you to JW David Windmiller for chairing this event and his wife Madalyn for a great evening.  Music was provided by "Bubba the Famous DJ (aka W:. Emmett Mills Jr.).


October 11 - Stated Meeting

The October Stated Meeting was held following a great October Fest meal prepared by JW David Windmiller and his wife Madalyn.  The Charter was draped for Brother Richard "Dick" Rounds who passed to the Celestial Lodge Above on 9/17.  Several petitions were read and received for membership in the Lodge.  A Master Mason Certificate was presented to Brother Richard Larry Alfree - the Lodges newest Master Mason.


September 30 - First Annual 100 Mason Night

On September 30th, several Brothers from the Villages Masonic Lodge traveled to Leesburg Lodge to attend the 15th Masonic District's First Annual 100 Mason Night.  There were 109 Masons in attendance and included the Grand Master of Masons of Florida, M:.W:. Jeffrey S. Foster, and two past Grand Masters.  The evening started out with a steak dinner and then adjourned to the lodge for the meeting.  Entertainment was provided for the wives in attendance.  All the lodge chairs were filled by the Worshipful Masters of the lodges of the 15th Masonic District.  The Villages Lodge was well represented with Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins occupying the Chaplin's Chair, PM Rich Koenig filled the Marshall Chair and R:.W:. Ed Mayfield sat in the Treasurers Chair.  Our own Secretary, W:. Emmett MiIls Jr., won the drawing for the prized Masonic Henry Rifle - lucky guy.  A great night for the 15th Masonic District.


 September 23 - Master Mason Degree

The Lodge performed a Master Mason Degree to raise Brother Richard Larry Alfree to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on September 23.Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins sat in the East and Brother SW Mike Gaudiosi gave the lecture.  A great job by all participants!


 September 20 - September Social at Mallory Hill Country Club

A great turnout of over 40 enjoyed an evening of social interaction by Masons, their Wives and our Widows.  The opening of the Social was highlighted by Brother Alex Santorello signing God Bless America which drew the attention and participation of the entire restaurant.


September 18 - Rolling Acres Road Cleanup

On Saturday, September 18 the Villages Masonic Lodge picked-up trash along Rolling Acres Road in Lady Lake.  This activity is performed quarterly as part of our community service outreach.  Six Brothers and one wife (Thank You Madlyn Windmiller) met for breakfast at Perkins Restaurant for breakfast prior to cleaning up the road.


September 13 - Stated Meeting

After a delicious meal prepared by JW David Windmiller and his lady Madalyn the September Stated Meeting began at 1:30 PM.A 50-year Certificated and Pin were awarded to Brother Richard Allen DeArmond followed by Grand Honors.  R:.W:. Brother Yanetti presented an educational topic entitled "What Came you here to do?"


August 23 - Villages Daily Sun Article

The Villages Daily Sun published an article on the Villages Masonic Lodge "Bikes for Books" program.  The article, written by Sun Staff Writer Garrett Shiflet interviewed the principals of both the Villages Elementary at Lady Lake and Wildwood Elementary Schools and highlights our donation of school supplies and a $300 check.


August 18 - Adopt-a-School Delivery

Several members of the Lodge visited the Villages Elementary at Lady Lake School on August 18 to deliver the school supplies the lodge collected the past 2 months.  In addition we presented the school with a check for $300 from the August Charity Basket - Thank you Brothers for you generosity.


August 18 - 50 Year Award

Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins and Junior Deacon Bruce Ferri presented a 50-Year Service Award to Brother Dick Bennett at his home


August 16 - August Social at Fiesta Grande Mexican Grille

A great time was had by all at our monthly social held at the Fiesta Grande Mexican Grille in BrownWood of the Villages.  With over 30 in attendance including several of our Widow's we enjoyed social conversation (a bit difficult over the restaurant noise) and wonderful Mexican food.


August 9 - August Stated Meting

After a great meal the lodge meeting welcomed the visiting District Deputy Grand Master and several of his committeeman.  The York Rite presented a part of the York Rite Degree to show what additional "Light" can be obtained in that appended body.  The Worshipful Master highlighted the lodge's move to being fully engaged in Social Media for the benefit of the lodge.  This included being part of the Grand Lodge's Marketing Membership Program and the lodges ability to accept donations from both Facebook and the Website.  The charity basket collected donations for the Lodge's Adopt-a-School program which is incorporated into the "Bikes for Books" program started by the Lodge.


 July 19 - July Social Dinner

With almost 40 people, the Lodge enjoyed an evening social at Cane Garden Restaurant.  A great turnout, great meals and superb socialization.


July 8, 2021 - Wildwood Soup Kitchen

Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins, Junior Warden David Windmiller and Junior Deacon Bruce Ferri presented Barbara McMannus of the Wildwood Soup Kitchen with a $500 donation from the Brothers of the Villages Masonic Lodge


Grand Master Reception - June 25

The 15th Masonic District hosted M:.W:. Jeffrey S. Foster, Grand Master of Masons in Florida at the Lake County Shrine Club in Taveres, Florida on June 25th.  The event was a sell out with over 200 in attendance.  Several Brothers from the Villages Lodge helped set up the reception hall the day prior to the event. 


June 24 - Setting Up for the Grand Masters Reception

Several of the Villages Lodge Brothers traveled to the Lake County Shrine Club to help the DDGM set up the reception hall for the Grand Masters visit.


June 14 - June Social Dinner

The June Social Dinner was held at Belle Glade Country Club.  This was a well attended social with many of our widows in attendance.


June 14 - June Stated Communication

A festive meal was enjoyed by all complete with a patriotic theme (think Happy Birthday U.S. Army).  Thank you Bro. JW David Windmiller and his wife Madalyn for the meal and decorations.  The meeting highlight was the official visitation of our new District Deputy Grand Master, R:.W:. Eric W. Klienbach who presented a message from the Grand Master, Jeffrey S. Foster. The Worshipful Master then reviewed the results of the recent Grand Communication of the Grand Lodge.


May 31 - June 2 - Annual Grand Communication

The Annual Grand Communication of the Grand Lodge of Florida was held in Orlando.  The Grand Master banquet was held on May 29th and attended by several of the Lodge Brothers.  The official proceedings began on May 30th and was attended by the Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins, Senior Warden Mike Gaudiosi, Junior Warden David Windmiller, and Past Masters Richard Koenig, Ed Mayfield, and Larry Kent.  The program consisted of Grand Lodge Committee reports and voting on amendments to the Digest of Masonic law.  Brothers Richard Koenig and Jim Hawkins were conferred with the Degree of Past Master.


May 29 - Quarterly Road Cleanup

The Villages Lodge met for breakfast at Perkins Restaurant prior to embarking on our quarterly road cleanup of Rolling Acres Road.  This is our donation of lodge labor to help make a difference in the community.  Led by Senior Warden Mike Gaudiosi we collected almost 60 pounds of trash.

 Any Pictures taken that day????



May 26 - Charity Donation to Tutors for Kids

The Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins, Senior Warden Mike Gaudiosi and Junior Warden David Windmiller presented a check to the Villages Tutors for Kids program on May 26th


May 17 - May Monthly Social Dinner

The Lodge held its May Social Dinner at Sammy's Italian Restaurant.  This was a well attended Social with nearly 40 in attendance including almost a dozen of our departed Brothers Widows.


May 10th -  Stated Communication

We bid a fond farewell to Villages Lodge Past Mater Tom Papin who has been a major Masonic figure throughout the 15th Masonic District.  Worshipful Tom was also presented a certificate of thank you from the lodge.  We also had an unofficial visit from our DDGM  Gary Gamasch who also thanked Worshipful Papin for his service to the 15th Masonic District.  We also thank JW David Windmiller and his wife Madalyn Windmiller for a wonderful picnic lunch and a well decorated dinning hall.



 April 29 - Fellow Craft Degree

A Fellow Craft Degree was conferred on Brother Richard Alfree on April 29th.  Brother JW David Windmiller sat in the East for the degree and the lecture was performed by PM Worshipful Tom Papin.  Thank you to all who participated and attended for this degree.


April 19 - Annual Widow's Night

On April 19th the Villages Masonic Lodge held its Annual Widow's Night at Lil Bits Cafe.  There were 14 Widow's and caretakers of Brothers who have passed to the Celestial Lodge.  The Widows are also invited to attend all the monthly social dinners.  This is a good time to reconnect with the wives of our deceased members and to keep them engaged in Masonry - a part of our oath.  There was a short presentation on the history of the Masonic Widow's Pin by Worshipful Master James Hawkins. One of our Special Guests, Renee Edwards presented and donated to the Lodge, several items including a wonderful Scottish Rite picture of all the Degrees that belonged to her husband, Gary Edwards.




April 12 - Stated Communication

The April Stated Communication was held on April 12th and highlighted a 55 year Service Award.  Worshipful Master James Hawkins presented the award to Brother Frank H. Topping.  The Lodge also balloted on a mew member and we are proud to accept Brother Marty Seltzer as a dual member into the Villages Masonic Lodge.  A great meal was prepared by JW David Windmiller and his wife Madelyn - Thank You. 


April 10th - Rainbow Fun Degree

The Mt. Dora Assembly No. 79  Rainbow Girls & Dora's Angels Pledge Group held a "Rainbow Fun Degree" on April 10th.  The Drgree was to honor R:.W:. Larry Kent, Past District Deputy Grand Master of the 15th Masonic District of the Grand Lodge of Florida.  This was a very fun event filled with a sumptuous meal prepared by the Rainbow Girls and an exciting dessert auction.  The Villages Masonic Lodge was very well represented.  R:.W:. Kent was dubbed "Lori Ann Kent" as he was inducted into the Rainbow Girls.  The Rainbow had a fun time preparing R:.W:. for the event and transforming him into Lori.  "Oh you beautiful doll you great big beautiful doll."


 March 15th - Monthly Social Dinner

The Lodge enjoyed its monthly Social Dinner at the Evans Prairie Country Club on the 15th of March.  A great turnout and everyone had a good time socializing and enjoying a wonderful meal.


March 12 - 70 Year Membership Award Presentation

On Friday March 12th, 2021, a 70 Year Membership Award was presented to Clifford A. Wallon, Jr. by Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins and R:.W:. Larry Kent at the Freedom Place assisted living center in the Villages.  Several Officers from the Lodge as well as residents of Freedom Place also attended.



March 8 - Stated Communication

The March Stated Communication was held on March 8th and had a visit from the DDGM R:.W:. Gary J. Gamache to deliver a message from the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of Florida Tommy J. Turlington.  A great St. Patricks Day meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage prepared by Junior Warden David Windmiller and his wife Madelyn.  The prize drawing for the Virtual Valentine Dance was also held.


February 15th - Monthly Social Dinner


February 8th - Stated Communication

The February Stated communication was held on February 8th, 2021 and was highlighted by our annual Chile Cookoff.  There were 7 entries into the contest and while all entrants were hopping to unseat the perpetual winner, R:.W:. Larry Kent, it was not to be as the R:.W:. once again took home the prize for the Best Chile.  R:.W:. Ed Mayfield also presented a certificate to JS Tyler Langham for completing the Masonic Leadership Training Course.  During the Lodge Meeting, the Worshipful Master, Jim Hawkins presented Tyler Langham with a Certificate for becoming a Lodge Perpetual Member.


January 21st - Entered Apprentice Degree

The Lodge held its first degree of the year on January 21st.  The Entered Apprentice Degree was confired upon Robert Leon Patrick Wetzel and Richard Larry Alfree.  A great turnout by the Lodge witnessed the ceremony.


January 18 - Monthly Social Dinner at Orange Blossom Restaurant

The monthly Social Dinner was held at the Orange Blossom Restaurant on January 18th.  In attendance was MW Robert D. Trump, Past Grand Master of Masons for the District of Columbia.  All attendees enjoyed a great meal and social interaction.  We also had several of our Special Ladies (Widows) in attendance.


January 11th - Stated Communication

On January 11th, the first Stated Communication of 2021 was held.  Worshipful Master Jim Hawkins presented WBrother Sam Ramdail with a Certificate, pin and card in appreciation of becoming a Lodge Perpetual Member.


 January 9, 2021 - Installation of Officers

On January 9th, the Villages Masonic Lodge held its annual Installation of Officers.  Installing the new Lodge Officers were Installing Officer, R:.W:. Gary J. Gamache, DDGM, Installing Marshal, R:.W:. Larry Kent, PDDGM and Installing Chaplin, R:.W:. Edward Mayfield, Jr., PDDGM.  Installed were James Hawkins as Worshipful Master, Michael Gaudiosi as Senior Warden, David Windmiller as Junior Warden, Tom Papin as Treasure and Emmett Mills, Jr. as Secretary.  In addition, all appointed officers were also installed.  The ceremony followed a great meal prepared by Senior Warden Mike Gaudiosi and his wife Maddy and assisted by the International Order of Rainbow Girls. The DeMoley assisted during the ceremony.  Light refreshments, coffee and cake followed the ceremony.



2020 Villages Masonic Lodge Activities


December 22, 2020 - Donation to Sumpter County Police Emergency Fund

The Villages Masonic Lodge #394 raised over $1,200 to help the Sumpter County Sheriff's Department address the needs of local families and children, especially during the holiday season.  Making the presentation on behalf of the Lodge are (l-r) Worshipful Master-Elect, James Hawkins, Officer Crystal Roldan, Current Worshipful Master Richard Koenig, and Past Master Tom Papin.  The gift will help shore up the food supplies as well as help fund gifts for children who otherwise would go without.


December 14, 2020 - Monthly Stated Communication

The December Stated meeting was the final meeting for 2020 and we bid Worshipful Master Richard Koenig a fond farewell.   Worshipful Rich made several presentations to many of the Brothers for their work and dedication to the Craft over the past year.


December 10 - Monthly Social at Sammy's Restaurant

The monthly Lodge Social was held at Sammy's Restaurant and a great time was had by all who attended.


November 13 - Grand Master's Visit to the 15th Masonic District

The Grand Master of Masons in Florida, Most Worshipful Thomas L. Turlington, Jr was received by the 15th Masonic District by Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master, Gary Gamache on November 13th.  Many from the Villages Masonic Lodge were in attendance and presented donations to the Grand Masters Charity and the Grand Master's wife's charity.


November 12, 2020 - Rusty Nail Degree

On November 7th, the Lodge hosted 7 Master Masons who have been away from active lodge attendance with a light meal followed by a Rusty Nail Degree.  The Lodge Officers performed a great degree aimed at refreshing the brothers memory of the steps, duegards and signs, and grips and words of the three degrees of Freemasonry.  A short Masonic Education was presented by R.W. Michael Yanetti on what it means to be a Mason.


November 9, 2020 - Stated Meeting

The November 9 Stated Meeting was highlighted by an Apron and Bible presentations to new Masons Bruce Ferri and Tyler Langham by Chaplin Carl King and Junior Warden Mike Gaudiosi at the luncheon.  Worshipful Master Rich Koenig then presented a 55 year certificate and pin to Brother David Marston.  The luncheon was another delicious meal of roast pork prepared by Junior Warden Mike Gaudiosi.


October 19th - Widows Night

On Monday October 19th the Lodge held its annual Widows Night to honor and remember all the wives of our deceased members.  The event was held at Lil Bits Cafe and was well attended.  The evening was arranged by Junior Warden Mike Gaudiosi and assisted by Worshipful Master Rich Koenig.  Everyone enjoyed the buffet dinner and especially the pineapple upside down cake.  Recently widowed wives were presented a certificate and pin.  Thank you to everyone who joined us to honor our lodges widows.


 October 17th - Rolling Acres Road Clean-Up

On Saturday October 17th 9 Brothers (and 1 wife - Thank you Maddy) met to do our quarterly community service project.  After a great breakfast at Perkins the brothers split up into 4teams (2 went North, 2 went South, 2 went East and 2 went West) and picked Rolling Acres Road clean of debris - 5 bags full.  Thank you to all who participated.


Memorial Service for Worshipful Ronald John D'Orazio, D.O.

On Saturday October 3rd a Masonic memorial service was held for Worshipful (2016) Ron D'Orazio at the Wildwood Masonic Lodge.  There were over 40 in attendance as Worshipful Rich Koenig led the Memorial Service assisted by Worshipful's Tom Papin, Emmett Mills Jr. and Carl King.  Worshipful Rich presented Ron's wife with a Memorial Booklet and Widow's Pin and a Blue Slipper pin to Ron's daughters.  The family of Ron hosted a wonderful luncheon following the service.


September 21 - Past Masters Night

On September 21st an evening social was held to honor all Past Masters of the Villages Masonic Lodge and Past Masters of other lodges who are also members of the Villages Masonic Lodge.   Following an excellent dinner prepared by Junior Warden Mike Gaudiosi and his wife Maddy, Senior Warden Jim Hawkins introduced and paid tribute to all Past Masters beginning from the inception of the lodge in 1998.  Past Masters present (picture below L-R) were Michael Yanetti, Ed Mayfield, Larry Kent, Emmett Mills Jr., Frank Van Leer,     Erwin "Doc" O'Dell, and Carl King.  All Past Masters not present or passed on were also recognized.  We also were honored to have many spouses present to brighten the evening.  Following the tribute, Past Master Michael Yanetti gave a very interesting presentation on Christopher Columbus.  A wonderful evening.


September 14 - Stated Meeting Card Presentation

At the September 14th Stated Meeting,District Deputy Instructor R:.H:. John Doucet presented an Orange Card to Past Master Tom Papin for proficiency in all 3 Degree Lectures - a major accomplishment.  He also presented a Blue Card renewal to Worshipful Master Rich Koenig.


September 2 - Masonic Hi-12 Membership Award

On September 2nd, Florida State Masonic Hi-12 President Eric Klienbach presented the Florida State Hi-12 Club Membership Award to the Villages Masonic Hi-12 Club for achieving the greatest membership gain during the 2019 year.  Receiving the award are James Hawkins (2019 Villages Hi-12 Club President and Villages Masonic Lodge Senior Warden), and Emmett Mills Jr. (2020 Villages Hi-12 Club President and Villages Masonic Lodge Secretary).  Also present were Florida Hi-12 Club !st Vice President Brian Zeppa and Merv Harris (Villages Hi-12 Club Secretary and past State and International Hi-12 Club President).


August 27 - 60 Year Award to Brother Richard "Dick" Rickards

Worshipful Master Rich Koenig presented a 60 year pin and certificate and Grand Honors to Brother Dick Rickards.  He was assisted by Senior Warden Jim Hawkins, Senior Deacon David Windmiller, Junior Deacon Jeff Lessard, Junior Steward Alex Santoriello and Past Master Tom Papin in PPE.


August 20 - Donation to the Villages Honor Flight

Worshipful Master Rich Koenig presented a check to Honor Flight from proceeds of the Stated Meeting charity basket.  Representing the Villages Honor Flight were Brother David Windmiller and his wife Madeline who are both active with Honor flight. 


August 20 - Donations to the Villages Elementary at Lade Lake

Several Brothers including Worshipful Master Rich Koenig, Senior Warden Jim Hawkins, Senior Deacon David Windmiller and Past Master Tom Papin were present when the Villages Masonic Lodge #394 delivered school supplies donated by the Brothers at the last Stated Meeting.  Worshipful Master Rich Koenig also presented a check for $400 from our monthly charity basket collection to New Principal Gregg Dudley.  The school was very appreciative of the supplies and money as they begin to prepare for the Fall school opening.


August 10 - Official Visit of the District Deputy Grand Master

The Villages Lodge #394 August Stated meeting hosted the official visit of R:.W:. Gary J. Gamache, District Deputy Grand Master of the 15th Masonic District and his Committeemen in masks and socially distancing.  Also in Attendance was R:.H:. John D. Doucet, 15th District Instructor.  Worshipful Master Richard Koenig officiated the official reception.  A meal preceded the lodge meeting where each of the 15th Masonic District Committeemen provided an overview of each of the District's Committee's.  R:.W:. Gamache delivered a message from the M:.W:. Thomas L. Turlington, Jr. Grand Master of Masons in Florida.